10 - May - 19


The WESTPOINT Group organized its International Dealers Meeting this year at Yasmin Hammamet on January, 17. The event brought together around 50 participants from eight different countries. On the agenda of this meeting, there was the primary importance of the high quality of the product and service, as well as the culture of partnership between WESTPOINT and its distributors.

For those who are not familiar with the notoriety of the brand, remember that WESTPOINT has been a leader for several decades in the category of tropical air conditioners (intended for hot countries) both domestic and central with a distribution network covering 85 countries on 5 continents.

The first establishment of WESTPOINT in Tunisia dates from February 2000 in the form of a joint venture with the BSB group. This partnership gave birth to DOMOTECH which today has become the Engineering platform of the whole Group on an international scale for all central air conditioning studies, it has its headquarters in Tunis while the factory is located in the Jebel El Oust industrial zone.

The president of WESTPOINT international, Mr. Jérôme de la Rivière, opened the meeting with praise for the performances made by the participants. He said, “You, our privileged business partners, have the greatest merit in all that we have accomplished to date. Together, we will continue to do our best to achieve more success in the unconditional commitment for the total satisfaction of our end customers.” He attributed the success of WESTPOINT over the past six decades to the dedication and professionalism of its distributors.

WESTPOINT is currently the market leader in several countries and has made significant gains in growing its international market shares which would not have been possible without the support and loyalty of its representatives. Mr. Tanvir Hassnain, Managing Director of the WESTPOINT Emirati Group distributed trophies to most of the participants in recognition of their diligent efforts to conquer new market shares and the contribution they make to the prosperity of the brand.

In addition, the meeting served as a launching pad for several new WESTPOINT products. The brilliant presentation of Mr. Karem Belkhiria CEO of DOMOTECH Tunis introducing the new generation of central air conditioners and solar collectors, had a very positive response with the participants and recalled that WESTPOINT was always ready to innovate and introduce freshness on the market.