07 - Jan - 21


Faced with the current health crisis, SOGAFRIC SERVICES agents have shown great availability and responsiveness, to respond effectively to the urgent needs of customers, and in particular, this year, in the medical sector.

During this pandemic period, a large number of sensitive interventions were carried out, notably at the CHU of Libreville and the Jeanne Ebori Hospital to reactivate medical oxygen production plants. These plants are vital for the fight against COVID-19 because they allow these two hospitals to supply themselves with oxygen and to reduce their costs for external purchases of oxygen cylinders.

At the Libreville University Hospital, the teams also put five chilled water production units back into service and repaired the hospital's central air conditioning.

At Jeanne Ebori, the agents of SOGAFRIC SERVICES also intervened to solve various problems of air-conditioning, and to repair the regulation of synchronization of the two emergency generators of the hospital.

SOGAFRIC SERVICES, once again, has not failed to live up to its reputation during this period of health crisis, by providing impeccable customer service!

SOGAFRIC SERVICES: a 100% reliable partner.