With more than 60 years of experience in Gabon and Africa, SOGAFRIC SERVICES offers its services in security-related fields :


SOGAFRIC SERVICES offers biometric access control solutions for professional premises that allow you to secure your business and your buildings. You can also manage and control the entries/exits of your employees and all other providers.

Access control adapts to each company profile.
SOGAFRIC SERVICES designs and deploys your access control systems, according to your premises, your security requirements and your restriction criteria. As a specialist, SOGAFRIC SERVICES offers the best brands on the market and guarantees you an easy to use, efficient and scalable solution.


Fire detection systems are implemented for risk prevention and the transmission of alarms in the presence of smoke or an abnormal rise in temperature in the premises to be monitored.

Protection by fire detection and extinction of premises and of persons therein must be installed according to precise criteria, such as the type of use of the premises, their size, the type of materials stored, the presence and the number of people, etc. SOGAFRIC SERVICES is your partner with very solid experience in everything related to fire detection and extinction!


Because security is specific to each induvidual, that it is available according to the risks and must evolve according to the circumstances, SOGAFRIC SERVICES is able to meet your needs. For this, SOGAFRIC SERVICES integrates the entire Security chain :

Quality equipment from the biggest brands (SAMSUNG, CHUBBSAFES, MILLIUM and many others) of the sector and recommended by our sales team.


SOGAFRIC SERVICES implements intrusion detection systems to protect property and people. Wired or wireless systems are generally composed of a central unit to which internal or external detection elements are connected (infrared detectors, door and window contactors). SOGAFRIC SERVICES offers various solutions for professionals or individuals, adapted to your needs, in order to secure yourself.


In the context of your professional activity, it is important to protect and secure your valuables, documents and funds. Whether you are a trader, restaurateur, hotelier or a company, SOGAFRIC SERVICES has very solid experience in safes, acquired in particular from the largest banking establishments.

SOGAFRIC SERVICES represents the biggest brands (CHUBBSAFES and FICHET-BAUCHE ) and offers models of safes available in all sizes and security classes. Armoured steel safe, or safe with very specific characteristics, the wide range of SOGAFRIC SERVICES will meet all your requirements.