SOGAFRIC SERVICES is a leader in refrigeration and air conditioning in Gabon and more broadly in Central Africa. This leading position, with more than 75% of the centralized air conditioning facilities markets in Gabon, is the result of a perfect knowledge of the constraints in the equatorial climate, acquired after more than 60 years of experience. The installations are carried out by professional and very experienced teams.


SOGAFRIC SERVICES imports, distributes and provides after-sales service for world renowned brands, in particular :

Room air conditioners and split systems : WESTPOINT, MITSUBISHI, ICESTREAM and WP
Central air conditioning : CIAT and MITSUBISHI

For room air conditioning, the SOGAFRIC SERVICES technical sales representatives are responsible for advising customers when purchasing equipment. A wide choice of room air conditioning equipment, which can cool rooms from 8 to 60 m², is available.

Regarding central air conditioning, the SOGAFRIC SERVICES design office designs installations that are perfectly adapted to local constraints and the technical teams are responsible for their installation.


SOGAFRIC SERVICES designs and implements specific installations, particularly suitable for industrial, commercial, health or social applications (supermarkets, cash & carry, etc.) industrial refrigeration (logistics centres, storage warehouses, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries, etc.), air conditioning and thermodynamic applications. In this context, SOGAFRIC SERVICES endeavours to respect both professional, local constraints and international standards in force.

The best match between the needs expressed and the technical constraints as well as the price of equipment is always preferred.

SOGAFRIC SERVICES advises each of its customers according to its specific applications and develops tailored global solutions which can equally integrate :

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FREON R22 (AND R502; R12) TO STOP IN 2020

Whether it is a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning, air conditioning in vehicles or a cold room, all these items contain a refrigerant gas often called freon (R502, R22, R12). Current gases, by their chemical properties, have been shown to destroy the ozone layer that protects the earth from ultraviolet rays. They thus cause global warming.

Many countries, including Gabon, have signed the Montreal Protocol, committing them to stop their consumption of freon in the short term. To replace these harmful refrigerant gases, producers have developed ranges of substitute products.

With the aim of preserving our quality of life, SOGAFRIC SERVICES has been organising for several years with the main objective of providing its customers with new generation equipment, operating with alternative eco-friendly refrigerant gases.